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Entry Level Acting in LA 2016 Entry Level Acting in LA 2016
By Phillip E. Walker

Entry Level Acting in LA 2016 is a hands-on, new actor full-time employment workbook.

What makes this text unique among acting books is that it does not attempt to show the reader how to jump to the Star or executive level of the acting profession. Rather, Entry Level Acting in LA methodically indicates proven actions that will ensure that most anyone is able to work full-time as a Hollywood actor.

Phillip E. Walker is a pro. Have you seen him as a featured dancer in the Can't Stop the Feeling! (From DreamWorks Animation's "Trolls") (Official Video) with Justin Timberlake?

The song's music video was released on May 16, 2016. With more than605,074,449 views on YouTube 4/10/18. Helmed by director Mark Romanek, the "Can't Stop the Feeling!" video follows Timberlake on a tour to everyday places like a laundromat, diner, barbershop, Flower shop (Phillip) and Los Angeles landmark Randy's Donuts, with a [named] individual dancing along to the single at every stop. CantStopTheFeeling won the 2017 Best Song Written For Visual Media GRAMMY. -

Click here for more e-book info. | Or Click Here To Buy Now The $14.95 PDF Download

Or Click Below To Buy The $19.95 PDF on CD-ROM with $5 Shipping.

Your Working From Home Guide Your Working From Home Guide
By Andrea Weber

No, this is definitely not just another pretty face. If you think everything has already been written about working from home, you are wrong. Very wrong.

This is new. It is fresh. It is "snappy." And, it will make you sit up and take notice. In the meantime, you need to discover Andrea Weber's "secret sauce" and honor her work with a look see. Simple, Safe and Profitable Tips for working at home. Take a look and surprise yourself. You'll be glad you did!

Click here for more info. on Your Working From Home Guide By Andrea Weber.

Write Stories People Want to Read Release Your Inner Muse - Write Stories People Want to Read
Have you ever given any thought to becoming an author? No, we aren't talking about a Pulitzer Prize winner or a John Steinbeck.

We're talking about sharing stories that are hidden deep inside you just itching to be told. Most of us have thought about it on occasion. And we just as quickly dismiss it as being impossible. Well, it needn't be the impossible dream. What if we showed you how you could actually begin your own writing career simply and smoothly?

You can, you know. Very easily.
Click here for more info. on Write Stories People Want to Read By Matt Cowell.

Your Home-Based Business book by Pete Billac The Objective (not-product/service or company supported) Assessment of Home Based Business Systems is Here YourHome-BasedBusiness
The "As Heard on Radio" book from a business pro and best selling author with book sales into multi-million copies. He explains why so many people fail in their home-based business. Then he shows you how-to make Your Home Based Business work.

There are logical business guidelines to follow. Understand how a Home Based Business is a real business; with all the rights and privileges of any large business or mega-corporation. Learn the systems any person can adopt depending on their individual personality. You have choices. You can really do Your Home Based Business right. Learn what you must do to become successful as well as what to avoid.

"Pete is an expert at restoring self-confidence and self-esteem in others . . ." -- Phil Donahue, National Television Talk Show Host

The truth is told about what is a pyramid scheme and what it is not. How the rich became richer and how the poor can also become rich. The information is here. You want to resist jumping to conclusions. Get the candid truth. The author has researched this topic for several decades.
Click here for more info. on Your Home-Based Business book by Pete Billac

Get Info on Writing Your First Novel Writing Your First Novel: The Secret Formula is Here
Are you a voracious reader? Have you ever read a book that left you wanting more? What about reading a book and telling yourself you could have written one better?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, it's a pretty good bet that you have a novel inside you. It's equally likely that it's just roaring to get out if you just knew how to corral all of that creativity.

If you've ever wondered if you could actually become a published author but didn't know whom to ask? Well ask this published author and ten year veteran college creative writing instructor. The answers will astound you. Find out today how you can unleash your inner creative power with this new Book.
Click here for more info. on Bring Out The Novel That's Inside You
By Elizabeth St. Denny, MFA.

Many Easy Magic Tricks Revealed in this 3 Book Set on CD-ROM. Amaze Your Friends and Family.
Here are Easy but Professional Ezy Magic Tricks that a Beginner or Kid can do.

EzY Magic Book info.EzY Magic Shows Book info.EzY Magic Funbook info.

Everyone loves to watch Magic shows. We see them on television and occasionally you might see one "live" in your city. They are always great fun. You wonder, "How do they do that?" Maybe you thought, "Could I do that?" you can! Ezy Magic 3 Book Set is packed with simple tricks you can amaze and amuse your friends (and yourself). The 3 EzyMagic Books total more than 260 pages of Tricks with Cards, Candy, Matches, Money, Rope and even Mind Reading so you can impress everyone with your superior mental powers!Click here for more info.

See Our Books in Print: Book Photo & More info.

THE SUPERINSULATED HOUSE: A Working Guide for Owner-builders, Architects, Carpenters and Contractors by Ed McGrath

Superinsulation is the art of minimizing heat loss from houses. How much insulation do you need? Heating, thermal mass, ventilation, the retrofit, are covered. Just $23.95 More info. or to order.

 Book Photo & More info.New/Lost Plays by Ed Bullins: An Anthology
Six plays from the Obie award winning playwright, are presented with commentary from Dr. Ethel Pitts Walker. This anthology presents some of his work with historic and mythical African American characters. High john Da Conqueror, is currently touring nationally. Foreword by Woodie King, Jr. - 336 pages Hardbound for $23.95 More info. or to order.

 Book Photo & More info.CAN I SPEAK FOR YOU BROTHER? : A One-Man Play Depicting Black leaders by Phillip E. Walker, M.F.A.
"It will make you laugh and cry, but most important, it will make you think and feel and understand. It is . . . by and about Black people, but is for all people to hear, comprehend and experience." Foreword by Dr. Ethel Pitts Walker. Just $19.95 More info. or to order.

 Book Photo & More info.BOOM CASH AND BALDERDASH: A Different Look at Fairbanks during Pipeline Construction by Jerry Fears
A compilation of 90 news commentaries that present a sometimes fun, but always telling look at Fairbanks during the Alaska pipeline construction. Foreword by Lowell Thomas, Jr., Hardbound just $23.95 More info. or to order.

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