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Television Writing From The Inside Out
Larry Brody
Applause Cinema
151 West 46th St., New York NY 10036
1557835012 $17.95 halleonard.com

TV writer-producer Larry Brody uses Television Writing From TheInside Out : Your Channel To Success to explore a medium hehelped shape, discussing writing jobs available in TV work,considering teleplay development and writing for different genres,and including sample teleplays by Brody and others complete withanalysis. This "nuts and bolts" reference is a recommended pickbecause it's packed from cover to cover with Brody's insiderexperience and knowledge of how the industry works.

Voice Whizardry
Maity Schrecengost
Maupin House Publishing
PO Box 90148, Gainesville, FL 32607
0929895673 $19.95 1-800-524-0634

Accessibly written by an award-winning children's author andformer classroom teacher, Voice Whizardry: 36 DiscoveryActivities To Develop Personal Writing Voice is an instructionalguide or manual teachers of students grades 4-8, as well as homeschoolers wanting help children cultivate their writing talents.Offering a wealth of creative activities designed to help one choosetopics carefully, adapt a personal writing voice to reflect differentaudiences and genres, expand vocabulary, and much more, VoiceWhizardry is a superbly presented supplement to any balancedlanguage-arts program. Topics covered include journal writing,expository prompts, thinking process, choosing details, and muchmore. Side examples of teacher discovery complement the studentdiscovery activities to better help teachers get in touch with theirown creative side too.

Self-Publishing Textbooks And Instructional Materials
Franklin H. Silverman
Atlantic Path Publishing
PO Box 1556, Goucester, MA 01931-1556
0972816437 $19.00 1-978-283-1531

Dr. Silverman draws upon his many years of experience andexpertise as a textbook author, college professor, and successfulself-publisher in Self-Publishing Textbooks And InstructionalMaterials. While the emphasis in on academic and/or scholarlypublishing, this practical instructional guide would prove invaluablereading for those engaged in writing, editing, or self-publishing forcommercial or trade titles in any other field as well. From assessinga title for possible self-publication, to fundamentals of print andelectronic publishing; to copyrighting and registering self-publishedbooks; to financial considerations; to marketing, and distribution,Self-Publishing Textbooks And Instructional Materials is quiteliterally a complete instructional workshop seminar under a singlecover. If you are considering self-publishing for the educationmarket (including classroom instructors and curriculumdevelopers), then you urgently need to acquire a copy of Dr.Silverman's Self-Publishing Textbooks And Instructional Materialsand give it a very careful reading from cover to cover.

Writing With Cats
Gerald J. Schiffhorst, Ph.D.
Privately Published
2444 Forfarshire, Winter Park, FL 32792
0974553107 $18.00 writingcats.com

Gerald J. Schiffhorst is a university professor of English who hastaught writing and literature for 40 years. In Writing With Cats: AnInspirational And Practical Guide For Writers, ProfessorSchiffhorst has written a light-hearted guide to the benefits thatcaring for a feline companion can bring to a writer's body, soul, andliterary creativity. From the relaxation and stress relief that a cat'saffection brings, to direct feline inspiration, Writing With Catsoffers a unique motivational bond that can aid any aspiring orpracticing author in getting past writer's block.

Self Publishing In Canada
Suzanne Anderson
Half Acre Publishing
7311 Bell McKinnon Road, Duncan, British Columbia V9L 6A8
1894208005 $24.95 selfpublishing.ca

Self Publishing In Canada: A Complete Guide To Designing,Printing, And Selling Your Book is a hands-on practicalinstructional especially for Canadian authors, but packed fromcover to cover with solid advice and information for those whoself-publish anywhere around the world. An extensive list ofresources, and a glossary, thoroughly clear narration withstep-by-step walk-throughs for any first time author, make SelfPublishing In Canada a truly first-rate instructional and reference.Any Canadian writer ready to take the self-publishing plunge shouldsave themselves time, money, and frustration by a careful reading ofSuzanne Anderson's Self Publishing In Canada.

Quit Your Day Job!
Jim Denney
Quill Driver Books/Word Dancer Press
1831 Industrial Way, #101, Sanger, CA 93657
1884956041 $14.95 1-800-497-4909

Quit Your Day Job! by Jim Denney is a no-nonsense instructionalguide which is strongly recommended reading for anyone seekingto pursue writing as a full-fledged, moneymaking, professionalcareer. From the seven essential habits of a working writer (such as"write daily" and "set ambitious but achievable goals"); to the do'sand don'ts of submitting one's work; professional relationships inthe writing biz; learning how to write as quickly as possible withoutundercutting quality; and more, Quit Your Day Job! is a superblypresented, quite accessible and thoroughly "user friendly", referenceresource for anyone considering any full time writing career.

Starting Your Career As A Freelance Writer
Moira Anderson Allen
Allworth Press
10 East 23rd St, Suite 210, NY, NY 10010
158115304X $19.95 1-800-491-2808

Starting Your Career As A Freelance Writer by professional author Moira Anderson Allen is an extremely practical and detailed career guide for the aspiring writer seeking to become a paid professional. Starting Your Career As A Freelance Writer comprehensively and accessibly covers how to make time for writing; honing research and interview techniques; find markets for written work of all kinds;writing and marketing nonfiction books and articles, and a great deal more. A no-nonsense advice guide packed with tips, tricks, and techniques, Starting Your Career As A Freelance Writer is an absolute "must-read" for anyone seriously interested in developing asuccessful career as a professional freelance writing.

Writing About Nature
John A. Murray
University of New Mexico Press
1720 Lomas Blvd., NE, Albuquerque, NM 87131-1591
0826330851 $17.95 1-800-249-7737

Now in a newly revised and expanded edition, Writing About Nature: A Creative Guide by John A. Murray deftly teaches aspiring nature writers diverse exercises and examples with which to hone the communication skills of anyone who has experiencednature and the outdoors and yearns to share what they have seen. Covering a broad range of genres, and conveying a wealth of tips,tricks, techniques, as well as surveying publication issues, and enhanced with a new chapter about nature writing andenvironmental activism, Writing About Nature is an original, superbly organized and presented resource. Writing About Natureis an excellent skill improvement guide which is a highly recommended addition to any nature writer's instructional reference shelf or reading list.

Writing Wide
Billie H. Williams
Filbert Publishing
PO Box 326, Kandiyohi, MN 56251
0971079633 $9.95 1-320-212-4457

Writing Wide: Exercises by Wisconsin author and writing expert Billie A. Williams is an instructional guidebook to successfulwriting techniques with exercises to practice for the improvement of one's skills. A practical instructional to avoiding common pitfalls;broadening word choice; promoting the effortless flow of narration, and so much more, Writing Wide is a superb self-improvementguide and highly recommended for writers of all skill and experience levels.

Grass Roots Book Marketing
Rusty Fischer
Filbert Publishing
PO Box 326, Kandiyohi, MN 56251
0971079668 $13.95 1-320-212-4457

Grass Roots Book Marketing is a handy guidebook of free or inexpensive tips, tricks, and techniques for creative book marketingself-published eBooks and POD titles. Nearly three hundred ideas for getting the word out on one's book are succinctly summarizedand range from promoting an e-book by letting people read the first couple chapters for free; to providing an attractive display case withcopies of one's book to beauty and barber shops; to submitting the website for one's book to a host of search engines; to utilizing QVCtelevision programming, Grass Roots Book Marketing is an excellent supplementary resource for any dedicated self-publisher.If you have an eBook or a POD published title, either fiction or non-fiction, the you need to read your way through Rusty Fischer'sGrass Roots Book Marketing!

The Concise Guide To Copy Editing
Paul LaRocque
Marion Street Press
PO Box 2249, Oak Park, IL 60304
0972993711 $12.95 1-866-443-7987

Expertly written by experienced journalist and journalism educator Paul LaRocque, The Concise Guide To Copy Editing: PreparingWritten Work For Readers is a straightforward and comprehensive introduction to the skill of editing text with the needs of the readerforemost in mind. Principles and examples concerning general order of ideas, compressing and strengthening prose, common grammarerrors, and the overall self-improvement of personal editing skills, The Concise Guide To Copy Editing is a "must-read" introductionfor anyone seriously interested in copy editing as a career -- as well as an invaluable instructional for aspiring authors or novicepublishers wanting to know what the proper duties and responsibilities of a copy editor are within the framework contemporary publishing.

Lower Your Taxes - Big Time!:
Wealth-Building, Tax Reduction Secrets from an IRS Insider

By Sandy Botkin, CPA, Esq.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 007140807X
Paperback: 250 pages; Size 9.18 x 7.39, Price $16.95.

Botkin is a former IRS attorney and now president of the Tax Reduction Institute. I have heard him speak. He is serious about helping you reduce your taxes with your own business. "You will never get rich unless you get your tax affairs down to the legal minimum. There are two tax systems in this country: one is for employees and one is for small businesses, consultants, and home-bases businesses." Sandy goes into great detail on the advantages of incorporation and preventing the IRS from classifying your business as a hobby. Two other key areas for author/publishers is how to properly write off your car and vacations. You should have this book, Now! - WWJr

So You Want To Be A Writer
Carl Perrin
eBookstand Books
P.O. Box 7670, Auburn, CA 95604
1589091159 $15.95 ebookstand.com

Carl Perrin is a successfully published author of short stories, poetry, national magazine articles, and books. He draws upon his personal experience and expertise in writing So You Want To Be A Writer which is specifically designed to assist those who aspire to improve their writing skills to a quality level that will invite and facilitate publication.

So You Want To Be A Writer is a straightforward, immanently useful and "user friendly" guide for beginning writers which is packed from cover to cover with hints, tips, tricks, techniques, and the "straight scoop" on everything from sending out queries, to manuscript formats and formatting, to proper proofreading, to the possibilities of self-publishing. So You Want To Be A Writer is a practical, "real world" oriented and highly recommended basic primer for the novice writer.

Self-publish at the Speed of Thought
Wayne Perkins
ISBN-192969525X $12.96 online download
Publisher: eBookWholesaler.net
E-book publishing is the current hot tool in online marketing. This e-book (listed on Amazon.com for $50 on CD-ROM) is a quick read that takes you thought the process in 6 steps. Insights into selling on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com are most helpful. The words on e-book pricing are important. When the price of his first e-book was raised, sales increased more than 100 percent. The creating of CD-ROM e-books on your computer (step five) shows you how easy it can be. Great online promotional ideas are presented. There is more to this subject, but if you are new to e-book writing and publishing, this is a good place to start. - WWJr

Feature Animation Writing
Marilyn Webber
Garth Gardner Company
2545 Sandbourne Lane, Herndon, VA 20171
1589650026 $29.95 www.amazon.com

Because animation writing is so closely tied to the creation of animation itself, Gardner's Guide To Feature Animation Writing: The Writer's Road Map is reviewed here rather than in our art resource section. Chapters cover the basics of how to link animation to story lines, discussing differences between different animation genres and how scripting differs between animation and live action scenes. Especially invaluable are the tips on honing a uniform technique and presentation to appeal to buyers and enhance sales of animation scripts.

The Dimwit's Dictionary
Robert Hartwell Fiske
Marion Street Press, Inc.
PO Box 2249, Oak Park, IL 60304
0966517679 $19.95 1-708-445-8330

The Dimwit's Dictionary by Robert Hartwell Fiske (Editor of the online journal about the English language: "Vocabula Review") is filled cover to cover with alternatives to over 5,000 tiresome cliche phrases. The entries are of two types. One type offers synonyms for cliche words and phrases, from "Achilles' heel" (foible, deficiency, etc.) to "you name it" (and so forth, and the like). The other type of entry identifies flawed and horribly overused verbal expressions, and categorizes them by type: "zillions" is an infantile phrase; "advice is cheap" is a quack equation; and "nipping at your heels" is a moribund metaphor. The value of this second type of entry is straightforward - if one is using any such phrase in their writing, then reaching for synonyms simply isn't enough; it's time to completely rework the expressed thought. Both types of entries are presented alongside one another in this alphabetized volume. Overall, The Dimwit's Dictionary is easy to use, and should be cover-to-cover reading (not simply used sporadically as a reference, but a page-by-page reading and explicit indoctrination in what phrases to avoid) for every neophyte writer who aspires to effective and memorable writing.

Snoopy's Guide To The Writing Life
Barnaby Conrad and Monte Schulz
Writer's Digest Books/F&W
4700 East Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236
1582971943 $19.99 writersdigest.com

Collaboratively compiled and edited by award winning short story writer Barnaby Conrad and novelist Monte Schulz (who is also the son of the "Peanuts" comic strip creator Charles M. Schulz), Snoopy's Guide To The Writing Life is an engaging collection of writing anecdotes and insights drawn from over thirty of the world's most popular writers, including Danielle Steel, Ray Bradbury, and William F. Buckley Jr. But perhaps the real star of the book is Snoopy and the Peanuts gang, featured in timeless comic strips about Snoopy's struggle to write the Great American (Dog's) Novel, as well as the other kids' attempts to construct literate book reports. Replete with a wealth of humorous, insightful, and filled with practical tips, Snoopy's Guide To The Writing Life is highly recommended reading for both aspiring writers and "Peanuts" fans.

Graphic Design For 21st Century Desktop Publishers
Marvin Jacobs, CFSP & Linda I. Studer
Words and Pictures Publishing
PO Box 40, N. Olmsted, OH 44070
0962970034 $49.00 1-800-544-5314

Now in an updated and expanded second edition, Graphic Design For 21st Century Desktop Publishers by Marvin Jacobs (President of Ameritype Art, Inc.) and Linda I. Studer (Associate Professor, Stark State College of Technology, Canton, Ohio) is a solidly presented "how-to primer" on successfully entering the challenging and every-changing field of computer graphic design which is especially relevant for personal or professional desktop publishing. Basic advice, tips, tricks, and techniques for creating professional quality websites, forms, business graphics and more are discussed in detail. Enhanced with numerous black-and-white illustrations which add a particular clarity to each point, Graphic Design For 21st Century Desktop Publishers is confidently recommended as being a truly first-rate, "user friendly" instructional and reference manual.

How To Start A Magazine And Publish It Profitably
James B. Kobak
M. Evans and Company, Inc.
216 East 49th Street, NY, NY 10017
0871319276 $29.95 www.mevans.com

How To Start A Magazine And Publish It Profitably by business consultant and entrepreneur James B. Kobak is a no-nonsense, imminently practical, how-to guide to the magazine market, including a wealth of invaluable "tips, tricks and techniques" on how to raise venture capital, why some magazines succeed while others go bankrupt, how to choose the best name and develop a solid business plan, and much, much more. An informed and informative, highly readable primer, How To Start A Magazine And Publish It Profitably is an absolute "must-read" for anyone seriously interested in venturing into the world of magazine publishing.

Things Feigned Or Imagined
Fred Stenson
The Banff Centre Press
Box 1020-107, Tunnel Mountain Drive, Banff, Alberta T1L 1H5
0920159931 $14.95 banffcentre.ca/press

Things Feigned Or Imagined is an insightful collection of tips, tricks, techniques and advice by career writer Fred Stenson and written specifically for novice authors aspiring to create truly imaginative fiction. Individual chapters informatively address just how characterization drives the story, how to quickly hook the reader, how to make effective use of humor, and so much more. An excellent supplementary resource for fiction writers everywhere, Things Feigned Or Imagined is a very strongly recommended addition to any personal, professional, academic, or community library Writing/Publishing reference collection or reading list.

Internet Site Security
Erik Schetina, et al.
Addison Wesley Professional
75 Arlington St, #300, Boston, MA 02116
0672323060 $39.99 www.awl.com

Collaboratively written by Erik Schetina (CTO for TrustWave Corporation), and TrustWave Corporation senior security engineers Ken Green and Jacob Carlson, Internet Site Security is a much-needed and completely "user friendly" instructional guide to implementing solid and reliable security measures for a personal or professional internet site. Individual chapters provide an informationally useful overview of basic types of security, and address specific issues such as network and application protocols (TCP/IP), operating system and server software issues from Windows NT and 2000 to Linux and Unix, Intrusion-Detection Systems, common security mistakes in internet applications, and much, much more. Internet Site Security is a very highly recommended (if not downright indispensable) resource for surviving in today's era of cyber-crime.

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Damn! Why Didn't I Write That?
Marc McCutcheon
Quill Driver Books
1831 Industrial Way #101, Sanger, CA 93657
1-884956-17-3 $14.95 1-800-497-4909

The focus of Marc McCutcheon's Damn! Why Didn't I Write That? is on profitable nonfiction book-writing, the audience is the would-be author who wants to make good income doing so, andthe approach provides guidelines on how to identify lucrative publishing niches and how to fill them again and again. Practical ideas for any who would not only get published, but make a living in the writing world.

The Writer's Guide To Queries, Pitches & Proposals
Moira Allen
Allworth Press
10 East 23rd St, Suite 210, NY, NY 10010
1-58115-099-7 $16.95 1-800-491-2808

Writers need to develop strong proposals to even get their work read: Moira Allen's The Writer'sGuide To Queries, Pitches & Proposals provides both beginning and experienced writers with tips and practical examples on how to write queries for publications ranging from books to columns. Insights on approaches which work also provide keys to understanding the publishing industry as a whole.

The Writer's Guide to Fantasy Literature
Philip Martin
The Writer Books/Kalmbach Pub.
Box 1612, Waukesha, WI 53187-1612
0871161958 $16.95 1-800-533-6644

Philip Martin's The Writer's Guide To Fantasy Literature: From Dragon's Lair To Hero's Quest is a collection of informative essays specifically written to help both aspiring and established writers improve the quality of their work, and create fantasy worlds to suspend disbelief and capture the imagination. Essay contributors include such notable talents as Patricia A. McKillip, Jane Yolen, Ursula K. LeGuin, and Peter S. Beagle. Chapters and essays cover such issues as generating ideas, constructing a coherent plot, and enhancing settings with your own brand of magic. The Writer's Guide To Fantasy Literature is a truly inspiring and insightful "must-read" for anyone looking toimprove their fantasy writing - and the majority of its tips, tricks, and techniques would also applyto the writing of science fiction, historical fiction, or genre novels of any sort!

Up the Bestseller Lists!
Kathleen Brehony & Karen Jones
Adams Media Corporation
57 Littlefield Street, Avon, MA 02322
158062409X $12.95 adamsmedia.com

Up the Bestseller Lists!: A Hands-On Guide to Successful Book Promotion is an enthusiastic, upbeat, and information-packed primer for any aspiring author looking to earn a niche on the coveted bestseller lists. Chapters cover everything from getting your book into the bookstore, cyberspace publicity, self-promotion, book signings, print media, contract negotiations, and much, much more. A superbly presented, down-to-earth, "user friendly", basic reference easily accessible to the lay reader, Up the Bestseller Lists! is a "must" for anyone looking to turn a profit on the words they have labored so long and hard to get published.

Publishing For Small Press Runs
Gary Michael Smith
Chatgris Press
Box 15092, New Orleans, LA 70175-5092
0965838080 $19.95 chatgrispress.com

Now available in an updated second edition, Gary Smith's Publishing For Small Press Runs: How To Print And Market From 20 To 200 Copies Of Your Book is a hard, candid, practical look at the serious obstacles to the economic viability of small press publishers. The most profound problem confronting the independent publisher or self-published author, is that small presses lack economy of scale, i.e. they are publishing fewer numbers of their book(s) for with a higher per unit cost. Informative and insightful chapters specifically address how to make the best of small press economic realities and still turn a healthy profit by carefully controlling costs. Publishing For Small Press Runs is an absolute "must" for self-publishers or executives of small presses who seek toprofitfrom tens to hundreds of books, rather than the more traditional tens of thousands of copies traditionally produced by the large corporate publishing houses.

Printing Types
Daniel Berkeley Updike
Oak Knoll Press
310 Delaware Street, New Castle, DE 19720-5038
1584560568 $85.00 1-800-996-2556

Printing Types: Their History, Forms And Use is a unique and extraordinary survey exploring the art of typography from the very beginnings of printing down to the present day. A printer, scholar, award-winning designer, and teacher, Daniel Updike draws upon his considerable expertise and research to trace the development of type design and comment on the lessons the historic periods of type design have for today's designers. The informative and impressive text is enhanced with 367 typographical illustrations selected from rare and beautiful books down through the history of typography. Highly recommended for both professional and academic reference collections, Daniel Updike's Printing Types is also available as a two volume paperback set (1584560606,$49.95).

Web Design Workshop
John Tollett, et.al.
Peachpit Press 1249 - 8th St., Berkeley, CA 94710
0-201-74867-3 $39.99 1-800-283-9444

Leading industry illustrators from Robin Williams to David Rohr here share their tips and techniques for graphic and web design. Learn how to design visually instead of relying on code, how to buildnavigation systems which enhance design, and how to use features in sites which are easily accessed yet creative and flashy. Web Design Workshopais packed with practical how-to information ongetting the most from a web site's design.

Certified Coldfusion 5 Developer Study Guide
Ben Forta
Que Publishing c/oPearson Technology Group
201 West 103rd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46290-1097
0789726963 $45.00 pearsonptg.com

Ben Forta's Certified Coldfusion 5 Developer Study Guide will not teach Cold Fusion, but will be are view guide that provides helpful pointers for examinees. The book's look will benon-intimidating yet thorough, and will be highly readable in small bite-sized chunks. Each subject will be presented in a clear and direct language, with useful and well explained code examples. Sample questions will accompany each subject, as will references to recommended reading, product documentation,Macromedia course work, and existing Cold Fusion books. 432 pp. Intermediate-Advanced userlevel.

Information Today Inc.
143 Old Marlton Pike, Medford, NJ 08055-8750

Two fine titles will appeal to any who regular use the internet for professional searches. Marylaine Block edits The Quintessential Searcher (1-57387-114-1, $19.95), which presents Searcher Magazine editor barbara Quint's quotes on the subject. Fans of Quint's writings will be the mostly likely audience for this compilation of observations about computers, searching, and our in formati on society. Risa Sacks' Super Searchers Go To The Source (53-6, $24.95) shares the professional techniques of twelve information experts who tell how they blend primary research with online information-gathering strategies. The blend of direct observation, interviewing, and the use of public records and source documents succeeds in uncovering hard-to-find information: this tells exactly how, relating the success and failure experiences of top Internet researchers.

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Writer's Handbook Of FAQs
Doris Booth
Authorlink Press
3720 Millswood Dr., Irving, TX 75062
1928704247 $12.95 authorlink.net
FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions". In Writer's Handbook Of FAQs: 2001-2002, Doris Booth (founder and Editor-in-Chief of Authorlink.com, an outstanding online resource for editors, agents, writers, and readers) draws upon her considerable expertise and professional experience to answer the most frequently asked questions about every aspect of publishing. From preparing and submitting a manuscript, to points of industry etiquette, to marketing and profitability, every aspect of publishing is defined and explained. Writer's Handbook Of FAQs is invaluable, highly recommended reading for any aspiring author seeking publication of their work -- and would aptly serve as a curriculum supplement text for writing and publishing classes and workshops.

How To Write A Romance For The New Markets...And Get Published!
Kathryn Falk
Genesis Press
315 Third Avenue North, Columbus, MO 39701
1885478461 $18.95 genesis-press.com
In How To Write A Romance For The New Markets...And Get Published!, Kathryn Falk draws upon her many years of experience and the expertise of hundreds of romance authors to provide aspiring writers with information, advice, and examples of how to get their romance writings polished and published. All the elements of writing romances are covered, along with a survey of the new markets in the romance genre including: African American; Time Travel; Christian; Multi-Cultural; Asian; Unusual heroines; humor; Hispanic/Latino; romantic suspense; magic; science fiction; fantasy; and erotic. The informative and comprehensive text is enhanced with a number of invaluable appendices including the Etiquette for Manuscript Submission; Romance Publishing Houses; Agents and Agencies; Romantic Times Magazine; Romantic Times Conventions and Lady Barrow Tours; and "Recommended Books". If you are an author seeking to succeed in the field of romance stories and novels, then begin with a thorough reading of Kathryn Falk's How To Write A Romance For The New Markets...And Get Published!

The Inventor's Kit
W. J. Scott Murphy
Blue Dolphin Publishing, Inc.
P.O. Box 8, Nevada City, CA 95959
1577330641 $39.95 1-800-643-0765
The Russian scientist who invented the video game Tetris was unable to secure the rights to it, and so he never saw a dime of the millions of dollars his brainchild generated. If you have a great idea but want to avoid such an unfair fate, then you'll find Scott Murphy's The Inventor's Kit: A Complete Workbook For Filing U.S. Patents, Trademarks, And Copyrights to be the perfect reference. Divided into three parts, Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights, this book has everything to help new inventors navigate the often confusing realm of intellectual property ownership: actual forms, instruction sheets, samples of completed forms, and even help lines. The Inventor's Kit also answers countless common questions, including 'What can and can't be patented?' and 'How do I do a patent search?' A very highly recommended reference and workbook -- especially for anyone with a marketable idea. Better to spend $39.95 now than miss out on $3,000,000 in the future!

Confessions Of Shameless Self Promoters
Debbie Allen
Success Showcase Publishing
131 W. Sunburst Ln., Tempe, AZ 85284
0965095556 $14.95 1-800-359-4544
In Confessions Of Shameless Self Promoters: 68 Marketing Gurus Share Secrets, Strategies, And Unique Ideas That Will Take You To The Next Level Of Success, Debbie Allen presents a coherent explanation of self-promotion and why it works in the business world. She goes on to show the reader how to build a strong referral base of shameless fans; give away one's services or products in order to create more business; how to network as a means of showcasing expertise; why brand identity and business is crucial to success in today's competitive marketplace; the use of unique direct-mail strategies to make anyone stand out from the crowd of competitors; cutting-edge Internet marketing secrets to high-profile a business; acquire a wealth of media attention; even why the readers themselves should write a book for self-promotion -- and having written one, how to market it. Confessions Of Shameless Self Promoters is packed with useful, usable, practical and effective information, strategies and tactics that would benefit any entrepreneur regardless of the nature of their service or product.

Online Operator
Bernard Kamoroff, CPA
Bell Springs Publishing
Box 1240, Willits, CA 95490
0917510208 $18.95 1-707-459-6372
Any business large or small which would venture into Internet realms should have Online Operator: it covers all the basics of internet business and transactions, from local and federal tax laws and domain names to online copyrights, international laws and exporting, fraud, and home-based Net businesses. Outstanding.

Information Today
143 Old Marlton Pike, Medford NJ 08055
Two fine guides to Web research are:
Randolph Hock's Web Search Engines (0-910965-47-1, $24.95) appears in its second edition to provide a key to understanding the differences between search engines and their results; from Google and AltaVista to Excite, Lycos, and Yahoo. From filters to searchable databases and different methods of searching, this will appeal to advanced information seekers.
Sheri Lanza's International Business Information On The Web (46-3, $29.95) provides keys to using Web sources to gather information on businesses around the world. From identifying overseas buyers and foreign suppliers to locating potential jobs and partners, this is packed with the basics of how to conduct a fruitful investigation into overseas businesses. All are excellent.

Solid Gold Newsletter Design
Sheryl L. Roush
Creative Communications
PO Box 2373, La Mesa, CA 91943-2373
1880878046 $29.95 1-800-932-0973
Sheryl Roush draws upon more than 25 years of her experience within the graphic design industry to present Solid Gold Newsletter Design, a compendium of 253 tips, tolls, and techniques for transforming any newsletters into an effective means of communication. Editors and publishers will learn how to promote an organization, communicate a message, and effectively market products, services, businesses, ideas, or causes through the use of a competent, "reader friendly" newsletter. Here is a complete guide to crating profiles of target audiences, writing content that hooks the reader's attention, the practical techniques of design and layout, producing a professional looking newsletter, as well as nine powerful shortcuts that come in very handy when dealing with deadlines. Very highly recommended, especially for the novice newsletter editor or publisher, Solid Gold Newsletter Design is enhanced with a bonus section on additional marketing materials including brochures, display ads, fliers, posters, mailing envelopes, postcards, catalogs, magazines, booklets, presentations and training materials, web marketing, and "PowerPoint Slide" presentations.

The Writer's Handbook 2002
Elfrieda Abbe
Kalmbach Publishing Company
PO Box 1612, Waukesha, WI 53187
0871161893 $29.95 1-800-533-6644
The Writer's Handbook 2002 is a superbly presented 700 page compendium of practical advice and informative insight on how to succeed as a professional writer. This outstanding anthology of articles and essays by established and successful writers covers every aspect of the writing process from original concepts to research to marketing. From Stephen King, Anne Rice, and John Updike, to Jane Yolen, Elmore Leonard, and Wallace Stegner, the range of diverse authors is nothing short of impressive and their counsel will provide invaluable for any aspiring author yearning to break into print and make a living out of what they write.

The Death Of "e" And the Birth Of The Real New Economy
Peter Fingar & Ronald Aronica
Meghan-Kiffer Press
310 East Fern Street, Tampa, FL 33604
0929652807 $44.95 www.mkpress.com
Doing business on the Internet is now a mainstream phenomena ranging from novice online entrepreneurs to established multinational conglomerates. In The Death Of "e" And the Birth Of The Real New Economy, Peter Fingar and Ronald Aronic effectively collaborate to survey and explain the rapid and fundamental changes affecting how individuals and companies are doing business in this age of the computer whether the transactions are across town or on the other side of the world. The authors explain the emerging business models of the electronic marketplace, peer-to-peer commerce, e-hubs, B2B exchanges, auctions, wireless applications, m-commerce, intelligent agent technology, collaborative commerce, digital strategies, and more. The Death Of "e" And the Birth Of The Real New Economy is very highly recommended, essential reading for corporate executives, economists, business managers, and anyone with an interest in how the Internet is impacting upon local, regional, national, and international economies and business practices.

From Book Signing To Best Seller
Jo Condrill & John B. Slack
139 S. Beverly Drive, #222, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
0-9661414-3-1 $14.95

Make sure your book is seen and sold by conducting book signings and tours through the aid of Jo Condrill and John Slack's From Book Signing To Best Seller, a effective, "user friendly" title which focuses on low-cost promotion options. From Book Signing To Best Seller is important for any author who wants high sales and good promotion: it covers everything from organizing a first-time event to using seminars to follow up, and is packed with practical insider advice. Highly recommended.

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Grumpy's Guide To Global Marketing For Books
Carolyn Mordecai
Nittany Publishers LLC
PO Box 80362, Phoenix, AZ 85060
0961382333 $21.95 1-602-216-0259
In Grumpy's Guide To Global Marketing For Books, award winning author Carolyn Mordecai reveals herself to also be a rather gifted marketer and book promoter. Here is a compendium of insights and advice that can profitably and confidently be incorporated into any book, CD, video or DVD marketing plan with respect to writing a effective publicity release for the global media; conduct a promotional campaign designed specifically for world journalists; create and utilize hype in magazines, e-zines, and newsletters; target international broadcasting networks; making foreign rights deals; locating international trade shows; networking international with members and personnel of publishers' and writers' associations, multimedia associations, vendors, bookstores, catalogs, distributors, and wholesalers. Every aspect of marketing internationally is covered with "user friendly" detail that will enhance any author, publicist's or small press publisher's promotion and marketing efforts. If you only have time to read one book promotion and marketing title this year, make it Carolyn Mordecai's Grumpy's Guide To Global Marketing For Books!

Overheard At TheBookstore
Judith Henry
Universe Publishing
300 Park Avenue South, NY, NY 10010
0789305186 $12.95 1-888-330-8477
Judith henry and her camera notices that people in bookstores are not only vocally inspired by what they see, but that their physical postures are often indicative "body language" commentaries. Overheard At The Bookstore is a fascinating and unique little volume of full page pictures and captioned quotations that will engage the reader's total attention from first page to last. Overheard At The Bookstore is a "must" for people watchers in general, and anyone who has ever loved browsing in a bookstore in particular!

Legal Writing In Plain English
Bryan A. Garner
University of Chicago Press
1427 East 60th St., Chicago, IL 60637
0-226-28418-2 $15.00 1-800-621-2736
Any involved in the legal professions will find Legal Writing In Plain English an important guide which blends a text with exercises. Proven techniques of legal writing are embedded in chapters which provide tips on creating outlines, expressing ideas, and common writing problems. A fine basic reference for any interested in legal writing.

Caught In A Web
Richard Poynder, Editor
Derwent/Thomson Scientific
14 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DK, UK
0-901157-01-5 15.99 British Pounds
Issues of world copyright law and privacy protection are detailed in an exciting examination of intellectual property and property rights in cyberspace, surveying how traditional intellectual property fits in a web-based economy. From file swapping services such as Napster to e-commerce patents, Caught In A Web details many important considerations in the web/business worlds.

James T. Thomes
iUniverse.com, Inc.
620 North 48th Street, #201, Lincoln, NE 68504-3467
0595148352 $12.95 www.iuniverse.com
Dotcons: Con Games, Fraud, And Deceit On The Internet is a comprehensive, easy-to-read, informative and reliable instructional guide to protecting our selves, our families, and our business dealings from Internet frauds and scams. The rapid growth and development of e-commerce on the Internet is notorious for outstripping the abilities of local, state, and federal law enforcement efforts to deal with it. From stock manipulation by e-traders, to illegitimate entrepreneurs masquerading as established business, to auction site defraudings ranging from selling counterfeits and stolen properties to simply taking the money from a bidder and failing to provide the item offered, Internet based criminal activities are rampant, diverse, and widespread. If you seek to do any kind of personal or professional business on the Internet, you need to give James Thomes' Dotcons a serious and thorough reading!

Getting The Web
Jeanne M. Follman
Duomo Press
6668 North Sioux Av., Chicago, IL 60646
0967945690 $14.95 duomopress.com
In Getting The Web: Understanding The Nature And Meaning Of The Internet, Jeanne Follman offers a penetrating and informative survey of the scope and impact of the Internet. Written specifically for the non-specialist general reader, a series of informative, thoughtful essays explain how the Internet relates to the written tradition, how images convey complex information, how the Web enables lay people to become radio and video broadcasts, how open standards provide a way for people from all manner of backgrounds to interact cooperatively, and what happens when traditional barriers to commerce and communication are eliminated locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Getting The Web is especially recommended for those new to the Internet, as well as those who have wondered about how the web is changing almost all aspects of modern life, culture, society, commerce, education, and governance.

A Writer's Guide To Magazine Articles
Patricia L. Fry
Matilija Press
323 East Matilija Street, Suite 110, Ojai, CA 93023
0961264268 $6.50 matilijapress.com
A Writer's Guide To Magazine Articles For Book Promotion And Profit is a 66-page compendium of ideas, tools, and inspirations for writers with respect to coming up with saleable magazine article ideas, finding the right magazine for them, writing effective query letters, working with editors, conducting interviews, doing research, locating expertise, actually writing the article, even recycling articles. Practical, effective, easy-to-read, A Writer's Guide To Magazine articles is highly recommended for aspiring writers seeking to break into print, extrapolating articles into books, crafting news releases, submitting book reviews, and any other aspect of writing articles professionally -- and profitably.

Writing For The Web
Crawford Kilian
Self-Counsel Press Inc.
1704 N. State St., Bellingham, WA 98225
1551803038 $21.95 1-800-663-3007
Writing For The Web: Geeks' Edition is specifically designed for those who aspire to utilize the Internet as an outlet for their writing. Internet veteran Crawford Kilian draws upon his years of experience and expertise to provide the reader with a convenient, easy-to-use Webwriter's style guide that will prove invaluable for dealing with the rules governing abbreviations, biased terms, capitalization, compound words, and cliches. The proffered exercises will develop webwriting techniques and a wealth of practical advice will enable the aspiring webwriter to adapt content from print to Webtext; avoid common grammar and usage errors; develop content for corporate websites; even edit material for an international audience. Whether writing for a personal or corporate website, or writing for an on-line publication, Writing For The Web will enable anyone to be an effective Internet wordsmith.

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Public Domain
Stephen Fishman, Attorney
Nolo Press
950 Parker St., Berkeley, CA 94710
0-87337-433-9 $34.95 www.nolo.com
Find and use copyright-free writings, music and art through Public Domain, a title which tells how to use such works without permission or fees in the growing world of public domain items. Property law expert and attorney Fishman explains not only where to locate such items, but how to determine whether a work is in the public domain.

Editorial Peer Review
Ann C. Weller
Information Today Inc.
143 Old Marlton Pike, Medford NJ 08055
1-57387-100-1 $44.50 1-800-300-9868
What are the strengths and weaknesses of an editorial peer review process in the scholarly world? Ann Weller's Editorial Peer Review reviews published studies of the process, from rejection rates and studies of editors, authors and reviewers to how editorial peer reviews work. Chapters examine the impact of editorial boards, authorship problems, and other issues central to the peer review process. College level material.

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